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pics for the TV search and AV In/Out

If I am lucky, the pics should be attached to this reply.

You are looking at the pics of TV Search button and AV In/Out socket in the rear passenger area, where the rear vents are. My car is equipped with rear screens with 2 inputs, one input is used up for the TV out function (redundant hard-wired connection, in addition to the AV out socket), the other input will be something else (not decided yet)

TV Search button - 61 31 8 368 345
AV In/Out socket - 61 31 8 368 346

Factory connector plug for the TV search button - 61 13 8 373 666 (oh my God, triplle 6!!!)

cover for the plug - 61 13 8 373 662

plug with cover for the AV socket - 61 13 6 909 008

I used the crimp-on connectors from Digi-Key, part # A28327-ND, that is the closest thing that I could find that would sit nice on the pins. Factory connectors come already pre-crimped on a piece of wire that is only a foot long and cost about $3 a piece - that is ridiculous price for a $0.10 item.

I ran three 2-pair shielded cables from the right side of the trunk (where the TV module is), through the under rear seat, under the rear door molding, under the front door molding, then used the gap in the molding and the carpet to make a left hand turn under the passenger seat and then into the center console, where I fished out the ends and terminated them where the socket and the switch are.

The pin outs are:

the TV module's white plug X18806 to all the others

13 - reverse camera (+) to the reverse camera
14 - reverse camera (ground) to the reverse camera

1 - audio out to pin 10 on AV socket
2 - TV out to pin 6
10 - shield to pin 9
4 - audio in to pin 5
11 - shield to pin 7
6 -TV in to pin 1
5 - shield to pin 4
15 - shield to pin 2

9 - search from TV module to pin 6 on TV Search button
Pins 4 and 5 of the search button - to ground

Pin 2 from search button to pin 5 on plug X322. The X322 is located in the general vicinity of the CD changer/nav system. you just would need to tap/splice in.

The TV search button allows rear passengers to change the available (scanned) channels in sequence. The AV In is the AV option in the channel line-up and the AV Out is the audio/video out that is on the main front screen. This AV out is not affected by the car speed.

The reverse camera is a Misumi camera. The camera has the electronics in a separate little black box - I was thinking about cutting the sheet metal to feed the box inside the trunklid but my heart would've bled over if I'd cut the car...

So, I rolled the wire and stuck the little black box and the excess wire/cable just underneath/inside the handle, just where the camera itself is. This way, I did not cut the wires to feed the things into the car and did not cut the metal for the same purpose. I did cut a little notch in the handle to let the cable come out to the camera but I can live with that cut...

The camera has the switched +12 VDC at all the times, not just when in reverse. The reverse picture shows up on the nav screen when pin 17 off the blue plug X18804 of the TV module is grounded. Factory way is to wire the pin 17 to the reverse lights or something. I ran the pin 17 to a 12 VDC OUAZ ss-112d relay from Radio Shack to a Normally Open end and used the signal off pin 7 of the plug X300 of the PDC system, that is conveniently located within a foot from the TV module. Pin 7 of the X300 connector is the little light on the PDC button in the center console that lights up when the PDC is active. PDC is activated automatically whenever the car is in reverse or manually, as desired by the driver, when the speed is appropriate for the PDC activation.

So, with this setup, the camera activates everytime the PDC is active, via the relay that is activated by the light in the front of the car. I find this setup unintrusive and intuitive, i don't have any extra button cluttering the car, and the setup looks and feels more factory than the factory itself.

Attached Images
E53 X5 4.6iS
147K mi - Sold May 2013
Tireprints left in:
USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia

E53 X5 4.8iS built 2005-10-17
66200 mi - June 2012
96000 mi - June 2013
112000 mi - June 2014
OEM fire extinguisher
OE first aid kit
OE tow hitch
OE TV module
OE aspheric mirror
K&N air filter
black/white badges
rear camera
4-channel video recorder

Here is the list of things I have done to the X

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