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Small photo shoot with the X5

So earlier today after giving ol girl a quick washing, I decided it was a good day for some updated pics. I ended up in Lake Lawn cemetery in New Orleans which is pretty expansive over about 150 acres with over 7000 above ground graves, and has been there since 1872 (originally was a horse race track before that)

I was trying to get some good shots for HDR editing, but I really need a tripod for that...... they all were skewed enough to mess up the edges, and the wind blowing through the trees also made them look funky. So no HDR, just normal.
And to kinda pis me off, when I got home I looked at her front end, and the drivers side AE's were off. Figures out the ballast went out........ damn things were new! So now I got the relay for them unplugged so she's not winking at everyone on the road.
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X5 pics

RIP 4.6is.....

2003 4.6is

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