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HID projector fogs DIY. Again...

I have been working on some small projects on the X5. One of which was replacing the halogen fog lights with a HID conversion kit and projector housings (MY 2006). Nothing fancy like Lightwerkz' install with a custom harness or anything - just a good lighting addition. I like lights.

No error code HID 35w single beam H3 kit from DEPO projectors from Latvia and weatherpack H11 male connectors.

OEM fog on left, DEPO on right.

Next, I modified the HID kit wiring. Cut the connectors, stripped the cable and added the weatherpack H11 male connector. This plugs directly into the OEM fog wiring.

Drilled out the back of the DEPO housing to fit the HID grommet.

Here is the back of the DEPO housing with the HID grommet fitted. I filled the open holes in the rubber grommet with silicone (not pictured).

Here is the wiring with the ballast. The wires which were cut to add the H11 connector were originally located in the two additional holes in the grommet. Now this is ready to be installed.



Just need to capture some images at night. The cutoff is pretty spectacular. I was surprised by the quality of the DEPO projectors.
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