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the camera sits kind of ok in the opening - I did not secure it by any means other than the natural tension applied by the smaller opening to the wider body. Also, I used generous amounts of the rubber sealant inside that might do some sticking...

It looks better on the car than the bumble bee camera did on my 4.6iS... Since this particular setup is NON functional yet, I can not tell you if the angle of the view is any good or not - the bumble bee camera was fully adjustable, as I could turn it around its axis and bend the metal bracket for a better view...

Two last pictures are of the installed product: the one with Virginia license plate has the license plate light camera (not operational yet) and the one with the Pennsylvania license plate has a functional bumble bee camera that I had used since 2007...

Once I connect this camera to the power and the video system, I will be able to report further...
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