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Originally Posted by X5SND View Post
Congrats on the accomplishment guys! It's looks as though it was a long road with this one....but the results speak for themselves!

When can we expect that write-up?! (some of us are to lazy to go back through all the posts, sifting through what did and did not work.)


Just for you I will bold and condense in one post, I can always make a separate thread if needed, but one can always reference this post by searching google hopefully:


Parts needed:

1 x European Switch 61-31-6-909-775 (I bought mine from for 50 bucks, search for "e53 lichtschalter" and you should be able to find a few)

2 x 61-13-0-006-626 (These are the 2 contacts for the tailgate light plugs, basically there is one spot open on each of the existing tail light plugs, insert your bushing contact until it clicks and lock it in, so that when you install your bulb holders or bulbs that is the 12v wire for the fogs)

1 x 61-13-0-005-201 (Solid brown wire with pin which connects to pin 45 of the middle connector on the LCM)

1 x 61-13-0-006-663 (contact which goes to pin 8 of the Light switch wiring, this contact and wire will be extended to the passenger side and will connect with the contact above, so will make a connection from pin 8 of light switch wiring to pin 45 of LCM)

On my E53 I have LED Tail lights which have bulb holders and bulbs for the rear fog lights installed in the tailgate lights already so I did not need these, but for all with factory tails you will need 2 bulb holders and 2 21w bulbs, part numbers are as follows:

2 x 63-21-6-943-036 (bulb holders)

2 x 63-21-6-926-920 (21w bulbs)

MANDATORY: Coding of the LCM, at the conclusion you must change the line "NSL_AH_US_OPTION" to "nicht_aktiv", if you do not change this line with the install your rear fogs will be operational as rear blinkers (quad blinkers haha!)

-Wiring connectors (I used posi-lock connectors)
-Roll of 18 gauge wire

1) Follow the instructions on the entire first page of this thread, as far as the "front section wiring" which entails how to install your European switch, and wire up the front portion which goes from pin 8 of the switch to pin 45 of the LCM (or as Terminator referenced in the first post, you technically could go with a standard switch and run that connection to pin 45 of the LCM, but this way you will not get the cool "rear fog icon" in the dash when pressing the button!)

2) Follow the instructions for the entire "Rear section wiring" of the first page, however, instead of crimping each rear fog connection together and running one wire back into the trunk area, you will be running each rear fog light wire separately into the trunk.

3) With each rear fog wire ran into the trunk area, underneath the battery cover with the "BMW" on it, locate the factory installed trailer harness plug, X609 (It looks like this)

4) You could choose to use Terminators X-cellent reference above to making a complete OE connection, he has referenced part numbers of a nice male/female connection which really will make this install underneath the battery look factory! However, since I was the first to undertake the wiring portion I used Posi-lock connectors, whatever you use to wire each fog light make sure it is a good connection!

Locate pin 10 and 12 on the X609 trailer lighting connector referenced above, you may choose to manually release each pin/wire, or like I did and just snip the wire off the connector, from here you will connect pin 12 to the wire from the trunk for the left rear fog light, and pin 10 will go to the same wire that you ran for the right rear fog light.

Tuck your wiring away, put everything in the trunk back together, test your European light switch to be sure the icon lights up in the dash when pressed (front fogs must be on also!), and button your car back up.

If you have not already coded the line for the rear fogs referenced above, do so now! You should now have factory operating rear fogs! If you do not, please post up here, PM me or TerminatorX5 if you need help. If you have followed the directions exactly, your install should be correct, as I said, make sure you are making good electrical connections as that is really the only part of this install that can go wrong!

I hope that helps, until I can make a more informative thread (I did not take pictures of the install, if Terminator did I can take these instructions and paste into a new thread!
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