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installed "power distribution" in the trunk - it is a relay that operates from the "Wake-on-LAN" signal, when the power is turned off after 16 minutes of inactivity, and the relay operates direct power from the battery. That source can be used for various purposes in the car, such as feeding power to power inverters, to headrest DVD players, to the on-board DVR.

I don't have pics but will make them and update the info...

I used Panasonic ACNH3212 relay - it is capable of switching 30 A and the coil is using only 37.5 mA to activate the relay, thus putting little stress on the tapped in circuit... I got the relay from

Since I had found a circuit under the driver's seat that was live everytime the car is awake (same circuit on the passenger side is always live), I had an idea to use that circuit for power for other items that I was thinking about installing... However, I did not think that the circuit under the seat would be capable of the load, thus came an idea of using a relay, to switch the direct battery power using the circuit under the seat...

I had a large project box from Radio Shack, and a breadboard part # 276-150...

Since I wanted to use the power inverters under the seats for the 110 VAC, I needed rather a heavier gauge wire, so ordered 20 ft of 10 gauge black and 20 ft red wire from ebay... those wires required heavier connectors to be used on the breadboard, so I used the green ones, 10 for about $8 shipped, from ebay as well.

to connect the 10 gauge wires to each other, i needed some heavy duty connectors, so i got Anderson connectors, they are gender-less and can take about 50A (maybe even more), 10 pieces about $27 delivered...

For my particular application, I needed battery power to be delivered under the front seats. Since my project box turned out to be too big to fit under the seat, I decided to locate it in the trunk. because of this particular setup, I had to run the 10 gauge wires from the trunk area to the front seat, under the carpet to make the install as unintrusive as possible... at the same time, i needed a "wake-on-LAN" signal elivered to the project box, so I ran a thin, 1-pair cable from the driver's seat to the trunk. I terminated the "signal" wire with a set of connectors that I use for the small projects but will be upgrading those connectors to the OE connectors. 61131378106 - housing for male pins, 61131378108 - housing for female recepticles, 61131376193 - male pin, 61131376202 - female pin

I soldered the relay onto the breadboard, added the green connectors around the perimeter, and wired the relay, so it would take a "signal" from the circuit under the driver's seat, and will operate the contacts that were wired to several other green terminals. this way I have several terminals ready to be used if/when i need to use them for whatever new projects i might come up with. Once I snap a picture of the projeсt box with all those wires, I will post a the pic... there is nothing electronic in this set-up, pure electro-mechanical...

This power distribution box is a pre-requisite for my further installations of the power inverters and the all-car DVR

EDIT: some updated pics...
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