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Here is the item 35 from the main list on the first page of this thread.

Selection one puts the picture out from the Android phone, with all the android apps available, such as Waze, music apps, such as TuneIn, iHeart Radio, email, SMS, SlingPlayer - full list of Android apps is available on the GooglePlay...

Selection two puts the picture from the left headrest onto the main screen

Selection three puts the picture from the right headrest onto the main screen

Selection four puts the picture from onboard mobile DVR, which has two cameras wired as of moment of this writing...

Audio for the Android comes via BT connection in Stereo (HTC puts out BEATS, when connected to a BT unit), and the BT unit is "buried" under the center console bin and audio output wire is plugged into the AUX input that is next to selection four.

Audio for the left and right headrests comes via FM modulation built-in transmitters in the headrests directly

There is no audio at the moment for the DVR but will be introduced at a later date...

The "loose" wires that are coiled - 2 microUSB connectors for the 3A power supplies buried underneath, to charge up cell phones or tablets (I will dress those wires later) and 1 microUSB cable for the MHL video connector for the android, which I am still working on, to modify the pinout...
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